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BIAB Manicure


BIAB Manicure

Discover our BIAB (Builder in a Bottle by the GelBottle) - the healthy and sustainable method for nail lengthening. BIAB strengthens your nails and offers a natural extension with long-lasting results. We offer a wide range of colours. The nails can then be filled or gently removed. 

Advantages & steps BIAB

  • Cruelty-free

  • Vegan

  • Healthy and gentle

  • Long-lasting

  • Wide range of colours

BIAB Manicure

BIAB Builder new short

Price CHF 120.00

BIAB Refresh nature short

Price CHF 110.00

BIAB surcharge medium 

Price CHF 10.00

BIAB surcharge long

Price CHF 25.00

TGB Gel lacquer change

Price CHF 95.00

TGB varnish colour

Price CHF 30.00

BIAB resolve

Price CHF 35.00

BIAB Manicure by the GelBottle 

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